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Complete Foundry and Pattern Making Services

Bronze, Brass, Cast Iron, Malleable Steel,
Aluminum and Zinc

Custom Landmark Reproduction and Restoration Work


Custom Hardware Installations



Heritage Ornamental Cast Iron Railings and Gates

Using the original English designs and foundry patterns, these beautifully ornate period reproduction railings and gates are cast by skilled artisans that have years of experience in producing quality heavy iron castings such as these. The Original railings and gates guarded the old English manors and town houses for centuries and have been brought back to life to guard your estate for a few more centuries. These are quality cast iron reproductions of the originals and are made to last over 100 years. Please take a moment to look over the picture gallery for your favorite style and ask us to do an onsite analysis and installation estimate for you. This product comes with an unprecedented 25 year limited warranty.

Available with Complete Automation

Fabricated Ornamental Steel Estate gates, fencing, railings, Grates, Furniture

  • Design-Production-Restoration
  • Available with Complete Automation
  • Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Combination of Steel and Wood
  • Powder Coat or Epoxy Finish


Ornamental Steel Windows and Doors

The leader in custom made ornamental steel doors and windows available on the market today. Each door and window is designed according to customer specifications and is over engineered and over built using only the best materials available. These doors are meant to last several life times. We offer endless options including:
• Design-Production-Restoration
• Accurate reproductions
• Complete store fronts
• Ballistic Glass
• Hinged Glass
• Hinged Grates
• Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinges
• Automatic Openers
• Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
• Up to 1/2" plate steel
• Pre-Hung in a Heavy Duty Frame
• Powder Coat or Epoxy Finish
• Job Site Pickup and Delivery
• Installation Service


Antique Mechanicals Restored and Retrofitted

  • Display or Duty
  • Hardware Restoration
  • Plating Services
Walter De Groot
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