Walter De Groot
Middle Island, NY 11953
Telephone (631) 246-9091
Walter De Groot
qoute Mr. DeGroot's work is among the finest I have ever had the pleasure to observe.

- J. Lance Mallamo
Executive Director,
Suffolk County Vanderbilt Mansion - Planetarium - Museum

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Company information:

Based on Long Island, Walter de Groot provides custom work and consulting services anywhere in the country.

Catering to an exclusive clientel. Walter de Groot started as an apprentice  to a Master Artist  in 1965 and has spent the last 40 years completing original works and restoration projects.  Over the years, he has taken on larger, more varied and complex jobs.  During this time, Walter has acquired excellent engineering skills and developed a strong sense for design and is personally involved in every project. 

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Telephone: 631-246-9091
Address: Middle Island, NY 11953

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Walter De Groot
Walter de Groot Architectural Ornamentation Restoration - Design - Fabrication
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