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Heritage Ornamental Cast Iron Railings and Gates

After years of careful research and development, we have developed a unique collection of 19th century inspired cast iron railings and gates. Using traditional foundry techniques, the patterns faithfully replicate those found in the original Sun Foundry catalogue of 1897.

Created from totally authentic designs and materials, the Heritage Cast Iron Collection is perfect for both restoration and regeneration projects and provides an enduring, traditional alternative to the multitude of lightweight railings and gates currently offered in the marketplace.

Crafted in solid cast iron using time-honoured techniques, the range represents the finest quality available today.

The Heritage Cast Iron Collection has also been developed with modern requirements in mind, allowing the use of integrated automation and
intercom systems.

All railings, gates and posts are supplied primed and undercoated, ready for application of the final coat after installation.

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Why Buy Heritage Cast Iron?

  • Extremely durable, cast iron is the longest wearing material for fences and gates. This is a 100 plus year product even without regular maintenance. Take a look at neglected examples of Victorian metalwork which still exist today.
  • To restore the historic integrity of your project on a like for like basis, many councils operate a grant scheme for such projects.
  • Very heavy and unlikely to be easily damaged or vandalized unlike many types of lighter weight steel and aluminium railings and gates.
  • Modular design of railings, gates and posts allows for efficient and cost effective installation.
  • The designs are timeless and well suited for residential, commercial and civic restoration, renovation and regeneration projects.
  • The collections are continually being refined and new additions are being made every year.


Colin Stewart and Allan Cameron Harley, were the Proprietors of The Sun Foundry, Adelaide. Originally from Glasgow, the two set up The Sun Foundry to supply the evergrowing market for their craft in 19th century, Australia. Their designs represent a‘gracious era’ where
people took time to produce high quality and long lasting
decorative items.
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